Unifi TM Promotion ( Total Benefits Worth RM1294 )

  • Free Unifi Equipment Value RM1094. ( Refer sidebar for more information )
  • Free Unifi Installation Value RM200.
  • Zero Upfront Payment.
  • Register Unifi Without Deposit for Malaysian or Non-Malaysian.
  • Same TM UniFi package features as available at TM Point outlet.
  • The first bill will include 2 months subscription fee (current & subsequent month) payable upfront (same as TM Point).

Unifi Home Package ( 3 in 1 bundled) :

  • Unifi Internet Connection ( Based on your selected package )
  • HyppTV Online TV. (Able to watch TV without service disruption even while heavy rain)
  • New Telephone Line. (Free calls to TM Fixed Line for whole Malaysia)

More advantages :

  • Fast processing time. Fast communication. 7 days a week.
  • Register Unifi Via Mobile Phone. Whatsapp: 018-6661622. LINE / WeChat / Kakao: RegisterUnifi
  • Time and cost saving (no parking & no petrol) No need to queue at TM Point.
  • Just focus on your daily business. Let us do it for you!
  • Apply anytime, anywhere (from the comfort of your bed even!) our system open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Same day application process (if your document is complete)

What is UniFi?

UniFi is a High Speed Fibre Broadband (HSBB) service based on the latest fiber optic (fully digital) and Very High Speed DSL (VHDSL) technologies by TM – Telekom Malaysia. TM UniFi signifies oneness (Uni) and fibre optics (Fi) and it is aptly named so as UniFi provides not only High Speed Broadband of up to 20Mbps, but it also includes Internet Protocol TV (IPTV which named as HyppTV) as well as Voice (or telephony) service – all for one price!

How fast is this ‘High Speed Fibre Broadband’ TM UniFi anyway, you asked? You can download a 100MB file within 3 minutes if you subscribed to VIP 5 Package (5Mbps). It is even better if you subscribed to VIP 20 UniFi Package as it will take you merely 40 seconds (approx.) to download a 100 MB file! To bring this into perspective, the fastest package available for TMnet Streamyx (also by TM) is only 4Mbps! It is also more stable compare to TMnet Streamyx.

TM UniFi offers 3 different UniFi packages for Home and Business with download and upload speed of 5Mbps, 10Mbps and 20Mbps. This means you get the same speed for both download and upload – a huge advantage especially when you want to share documents or files with huge file size (e.g. video). Unlike TMnet Streamyx which has lower upload speed. It can save you hours and ultimately increase your productivity!

All the UniFi Home packages bundled with TM Fixed Line Telephone. There is no separate charge for TM fixed line rental. You just need to pay a single monthly subscription fee for both the services and enjoy Call Plan offerings as below:

  • Unlimited Calls to TM Fixed Line Nationwide! ( Home Package )
  • As Low As 10 sen/minute to All Mobile Lines!

Why UniFi?

TM UniFi high speed fibre broadband service brings you the world of Video, Internet and Phone for your enjoyment. For easy reference, the packages you see here are termed “V” for Video, “I” for Internet and “P” for Phone, while numbers indicate the UniFi download speeds.

Enjoy the best online experience as never before compare to TMnet Streamyx. Watch Youtube videos in peace, you can watch High Definition videos without buffering. Download huge files within fraction of the time you need previously, run Windows updates 20X* faster than before (TMnet Streamyx). Video Skype your friends and have jitter-free video conversations. Tune in to Facebook and watch the photos and videos literally pop out instantly.