Pakej Unifi Tanpa Telefon dan HyppTV

Kami menerima banyak pertanyaan melalui telefon mengenai melanggan pakej Unifi, tetapi tidak mahu talian telefon dan HyppTV. Untuk makluman Tuan/Puan, Unifi untuk kediaman ditawarkan dalam bentuk pakej 3 dalam 1. Iaitu talian internet Unifi, talian telefon baru dan rangkaian HyppTV.

Maksud VIP:

membawa maksud Video atau IPTV ( Internet Protocol Television ).
I membawa maksud Internet Berkelajuan Tinggi ( High Speed Broadband ).
P membawa maksud Telefon.

Sekiranya, Tuan/Puan tidak memerlukan talian telefon atau HyppTV, maka bolehlah tutup suis Telephone / HyppTV selepas pemasangan Unifi selesai. Perkhidmatan talian Unifi akan tetap berfungsi seperti biasa tanpa gangguan.

Panggilan Percuma

Setiap pelanggan Unifi boleh membuat panggilan keluar daripada telefon Unifi secara percuma ke nombor talian tetap Telekom Malaysia. Manakala, panggilan telefon ke talian tetap lain seperti Maxis atau Time Dot Com atau talian telefon bimbit tempatan akan dicaj pada kadar 10 sen seminit.

Unifi telephone
Unifi Telephone


Rangkaian HyppTV Percuma

Semua pelanggan Unifi untuk kediaman akan mendapat saluran HyppTV asas secara percuma.

Unifi HyppTV Set-Top-Box


Saluran Percuma : ( ditandakan sebagai Free )

HyppTV Free Channels Listing

Rujukan Tambahan Mengenai Unifi

Change Of Unifi Bill Payment Period


Dear Valued Customer,

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) wishes to inform you that effective 11 SEPTEMBER 2014, the payment period between the Bill Date and Payment Due Date in UniFi monthly bill for all UniFi customers will be changed to 21 days from the current 30 days.

Kindly note that the Payment Due Date refers to the payment deadline for your UniFi bill each month. Therefore, in order to ensure that you continue to enjoy uninterrupted services, we would like to advise our customers to observe this change and proceed with the necessary payment.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. Should you have any query or need further clarification on this matter, please visit your nearest TMpoint or call our TM UniFi Centre at 1300-88-1221.

Thank You.

Unifi Contact Number For Registration

If you are looking for Unifi contact number to apply Unifi broadband service or upgrade your existing Unifi service, kindly call 018-6661622 for assistance. We will provide more details about Unifi packages and Unifi latest promotion. We will guide you to choose which package that suit your home internet usage or your office internet usage.

For your convenience, we also provide Unifi registration via Whatsapp ( 018-6661622 ), LINE ( ID:registerunifi ), Kakao (ID:registerunifi ). The whole process will take about 5 minutes only. No need to travel to shopping complex to looking for Unifi agent or Unifi reseller. No need to queue at TM Point service centre. Save time & save money!

Here are the list of Unifi benefits :

can help facilitate or enable the following benefits:

  • Download large (file size) DVD quality movies and music video clips in a matter of minutes or even a few seconds depending on the file size.
  • Enjoy a new TV experience through TV over broadband (HyppTV) where you can access TV channels over a private network in high definition format with high stability. HyppTV also offers the ability for high content user interactivity through its Video On Demand feature.
  • Work from home and stay in touch with your office or clients and business associates anywhere in the world  in  real-time  through High Speed Internet, video and voice connectivity.
  • Enjoy a richer, secure shopping and e-commerce experience from the comfort of your home by accessing virtual shops online around the world through real-time video and chat.
  • Play online games simultaneously with anyone in the world in real-time and high resolution format.
  • Access educational services such as ‘study online’ and participate in virtual classroom discussions with your tutors anywhere in the world as well as enjoy a rich research experience by being able to download books, journals and magazines in a matter of minutes.
  • Receive real-time medical diagnosis and advice from local and international medical practitioners, in the comfort of your home through Unifi High Speed Internet, high definition video and voice connectivity.

On the whole, UniFi will enable and bring greater value to Malaysians through  a  richer  digital  lifestyle  and  online  experience, enhanced competitiveness and world-class broadband infrastructure

For those still using TM Streamyx package, you may upgrade to Unifi without upfront charges or installation charges. Upgrade to Unifi fibre broadband today!

Unifi Promotion Extended : Hypp-Normous Deal

Great News! Hypp-Normous Deal has been extended to 31 Mac 2014. Grab this opportunity to upgrade your Unifi existing account or subscribe Unifi for huge saving!

Promosi Unifi Hypp-Normous Deal telah dilanjutkan ke 31 Mac 2014. Gunakan kesempatan ini untuk upgrade perkhidmatan Unifi sedia ada kepada kelajuan lebih tinggi dengan penjimatan berbaloi.


Latest Unifi Coverage – Penang

Hi! Good news for residents at Pulau Pinang. Below are the latest UniFi coverage :

  • Lavinia Apartment, Jalan Bukit Kechil 1, 11900 Bayan Lepas.
  • Palm Paladium, Persiaran Minden, 11700 Gelugor.
  • U Garden, Persiaran Minden, 11700 Gelugor.
  • Bayswater, Lebuh Tunku Kudin 2, 11700 Gelugor.

Register Unifi now and get UniFi installation date within 1 hour.


Guide to Pay Unifi Bill Via Maybank2u

This is a short guide about paying Unifi bill via Maybank2u.

1. After login to your Maybank2u.
2. Click ‘Account & Banking’
3. Click ‘Bill Payment’
4. Click ‘Make a one-off payment’
5. Select ‘All Payees’ ( from the right side drop down menu ), Click ‘Continue’
6. Choose ‘Telekom Malaysia Berhad – UniFi’ , Click ‘Continue’
7. Key-in your Unifi Bill Account Number, Continue, Request TAC, Then confirm the payment.

Unifi Bill Account Number ( sample ) :

Unifi Bill Account Number Sample

Unifi Bill Account Number Sample

Friendly Reminder for Unifi new customer


Please note that if you have just applied for TM UniFi Fibre broadband and receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from TM offering other Internet plan without Free HyppTV and Free Cordless Dect Phone at lower price, actually they are not from TM.

They are actually agent from competitor’s company trying to hijack customer from TM UniFi.

Please be informed, that if you decided to go for competitor provider, you will miss out all the goodies of HyppTV and unlimited free calls to all TM Fixed line nationwide and cheaper call rate to all mobile telco networks. Also better High Speed Broadband (HSBB) customer support as TM are the provider of the HSBB infrastructures and not 3rd Party Licensed Provider.

Thank you.

Tips on subscribing Unifi before moving to new house or apartment

Fast and reliable internet connection is a need for todays life. Many of us depend very much on it for business purpose, lifestyle and communication needs.

If you are looking to rent a house or apartment, it is recommended to search for Unifi coverage availability before commit to rent the unit.

We received many telephone calls and enquiry about Unifi application, only after they rent the premise / house / apartment. You may feel frustrated to find out, your place is not Unifi serviceable after the rental deposit has been paid or after move in to your new place.

Feel free to contact us via contact form at OR communicate with us via Whatsapp at 018-666 1622.

You may contact us instant messaging app via Kakao Talk, LINE or Wechat at this ID : registerunifi